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South Korea Stock Market Volatility Drives Growth in Overseas Funds Investment

DarcMatter Chart - Overseas Investment by Fund Type in USD Billions

Volatility in the South Korea stock market has driven Korean investors to overseas funds. According to the Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA), South Korea’s investment into overseas funds has reached US$ 155 billion as of November 2019, representing month-over-month growth of US$ 2.1 billion. By fund type, ‘Special Assets’ attracted the biggest inflow of more than US$ 1 billion, closely followed by ‘Real Estate’. In contrast, Korean equity type funds saw a net outflow (excluding the ETFs) of US$ 425 million in the first half of November 2019.

In terms of the most active institutional investors, South Korean private equity funds were the most active overseas fund investors with total deployment of US$ 118 billion as of the end of November, representing an increase to US$ 2.5 billion on month-over-month.


28 November : USD / KRW = 1176

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