Snapshot of the Alternative Investment Industry: April 3, 2015

We share a bi-weekly snapshot of the latest news in alternative investments.

Signs of a new paradigm are showing up everywhere. Back in 2013, China had announced its plan to create the Asian Development Bank Institute, which is essentially a new World Bank for Asia. This was a bold move to challenge the dominant status of the US dollar in the world economy and potentially shift the weight of importance to the East. Many have doubted that the initiative would become successful, citing the lack of transparency and governance issues. However, things came to a head this March as major allies of the US, including the UK, have started to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a new multilateral bank poised to challenge the US dollar even further.

This was bad news for the US who is against the creation of AIIB, and even worse for Japan, which is facing major pressure from both sides. However, for fund managers, this can become an unprecedented opportunity. As WSJ reported earlier, AIIB could provide ample opportunities for private equity to get involved in new initiatives. Managers who have experience in the Asian markets can take advantage of this opportunity and benefit from the shifting paradigm. Perhaps, investors should start thinking about how to get involved in this new opportunity as well.


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