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Meet Kim Forssell, CEO & Chairman of Net Zero Enterprises

Kim Forssell of Net Zero Enterprises

Net Zero Enterprises, a sustainable solutions company, recently made headlines on CBNC as the first organic shrimp farm in the U.S. to raise millions using equity crowdfunding. Today we chat with Kim Forssell, CEO and Chairman of Net Zero Enterprises, a company that develops and establishes renewable energy projects and assets. Kim  is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, executive and director with broad international experience who successfully identifies and secures new business opportunities. Kim has led several companies as CEO, Managing Director, and Partner within both start-ups and established organizations. He is a former CEO of investment and venture capital companies and has founded and developed several companies from startup, growth stage until the asset/companies were sold. Kim has been identified as a top executive and advisory board member within multi-national corporations and holds two advanced degrees, MBA and MS in Industrial Engineering from top rated universities.

Kim has an extensive background within capital intensive projects from the energy, land development and telecom sector. Kim has been working as an advisor and reference/investment board member and has been heavily engaged in numerous projects and investments ranging from $50M to multi-billion dollars. Kim’s strong suit is the Front End Loading phase of a project, which is the initiation of the project and the analysis and solution stage, until the Final Investment Decision and start of execution. Projects and investments have typically been in the EU, North America and Asia and within Land development, Nuclear, Biomass, Biogas, Biodiesel, BioEthanol, Water conservation and treatment, Power production, and especially projects that combine several renewable energy technologies.

DarcMatter: Please provide a high level overview of Net Zero Enterprises and its group of companies.
Kim: Net Zero Enterprises develop and establish capital intensive projects and assets. Compared to industry benchmark, we do this more efficiently and generates higher profits and valuation, while lowering the risks, all compared to industry benchmark. We apply our solutions within multiple areas, ranging from Renewable Energy Clusters, BioFuels/Power Plants, Water Conservation/Treatment, Waste 2 Energy, Organic Aquaculture Food, and Land Development. We have performed Front End Loading and developed assets of over $10 Bn in project value.

DarcMatter: Where did the idea for Net Zero AquaLife come about?
Kim: We developed the “Waste 2 Energy” and water treatment solution for a fish farm in Germany, and the organic farming started to make a lot of sense to us. When looking at shrimp farms, we realized that typical farming methods are very bad for the environment and the shrimps available in the stores are both toxic and farmed irresponsible with a large impact on the product and the environment. Producing shrimps with our stackable solution also makes much more financially compared to establishing a fish farm.

DarcMatter: What differentiates Net Zero Aqualife from other aquaculture farms?
Kim: There are a lot of differences. Important aspects are a much lower mortality rate (<5%), lower water consumption (<0.5%), redundancy in every aspect (e.g. aeration) and controlled by a fully automated control system. No stress to the shrimp in terms of airlifting. Fully compliant with Whole Foods and only Green Label U15. We also utilize space more efficient with stackable system for financial strength and fully controlled indoor system.

DarcMatter: Are there any interesting investors in the project that you would like to share?
Kim: Every investor is important for us and we have both industry experts to Davis Cup players. The largest investors are the sponsors and owners of the project.

DarcMatter: Finishing off on a fun note, tell us a little known fact about yourself.
Kim: Scratch golfer, and most likely an even better skier. Everything I do have to make sense from a larger perspective and I only engage in ventures, projects and companies that I think matters and that I think is fun. Because of this, every project I engage in is something I dedicate myself to with 100% .

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