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We’re Selected to Present at Finovate 2015

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We’re excited to share that DarcMatter has been selected to present at FinovateSpring 2015 in San Jose this May! What is Finovate?

Finovate is a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. The event offers an insight-packed glimpse into the future of money via a fast-paced, intimate, and unique format.

So if you’re looking to discover the newest startups and innovations in fintech, Finovate is a conference you should consider attending. Their conferences have been known to attract financial institutions (i.e. Barclays, American Express, MasterCard), fintech companies (i.e. LendingClub, Yodlee), investors (i.e. BBVA, Route Sixty-Six, Crosslink Capital), and industry analysts (i.e. Forbes).


Thank you Finovate for the opportunity, we’re looking forward to showcasing and demoing the DarcMatter platform alongside the other startups that are bringing innovative solutions to the finance industry. We’re ready to share with Finovate how seamless and easy it is to access and invest in alternative investment opportunities using DarcMatter.

As a member of the DarcMatter community, we’re happy to offer you a discount code if you’re interested in purchasing a ticket to the conference. Use DarcMatterFS20 for 20% off your tickets.

See you in San Jose!


DarcMatter is a technology platform providing enhanced capital connectivity between issuers and investors in the alternative investment space. Visit DarcMatter to start raising capital or get transparent access to alternative investment opportunities.

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