Favorite alternative investments

A Few of Our Favorite Things in Alternative Investments

Favorite alternative investments

With the New Year well underway, we would like to talk about a few unique opportunities that we are particularly excited about in 2015. Through technology-enabled efficiency and unique structuring, DarcMatter is able to provide a multitude of alternative investment opportunities to individual investors. These are a few of our favorite things, a la Julie Andrews.

Hedge Fund Portfolios: These investments are unique in that there are no real restrictions on the types of securities that can make up the underlying investment. DarcMatter offers deals that are structured to diversify strategies, managers, and asset types. Investors will have the ability to participate in these underlying hedge funds at significantly reduced minimums through DarcMatter’s structuring process.

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Venture Capital Portfolios: Access to venture capital investments is an exciting prospect.  VC’s look for top entrepreneurs who can execute fast-paced growth of high potential startup companies. By investing in these funds, investors get early access to the potential upside of startups as well as the experienced VC’s who can source and identify potential winners. If this wasn’t exciting enough, investing in a portfolio of venture capital funds presents an opportunity to leverage the positive diversification effects of allocating capital across several experts with various sources of deal flow and experience across different industries and geographies.

A Portfolio of Innovative Startups: We love the opportunity to invest directly in early-stage startups. A superior investment strategy involves diversifying across a range of the best early-stage companies that undergo rigorous due diligence processes. These are unique opportunities since only a select few investors and firms in the past had access to direct startup private investments. DarcMatter structures portfolios that include companies who have passed the screening requirements of prestigious government grant programs, allowing more individuals to participate in highly-vetted private investments.

Technology-Enabled Access: Through opportunities brought about by advances in technology and enhanced access to alternatives, individuals can share in the upside of investing in real disruptive change. We believe 2015 will be a transformative year for investors and industry alike. DarcMatter serves to facilitate this transformation by lifting the veil on the alternative investment landscape. The power structure is shifting as far as how new funds and ventures are financed. The closed structure in the alternative investment world is giving way to the retail market as investors beyond institutions become educated and interested in some of these highly lucrative and portfolio-diversifying opportunities. View investment opportunities here to take a look at a few of our favorite things.

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