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WHY?!? The DarcMatter Alternatives Conference 2017 South Korea

DarcMatter is an online platform for alternative investments, focused on streamlining the capital raising process for fund managers, while making it easier for Investors worldwide to discover, research, and invest in quality alternative investment opportunities.  SO.  WHY is DM hosting The DarcMatter Alternatives Conference (DMAC 2017) this year? WHY is said conference in SOUTH KOREA?! Well, we listened to your questions, and have shared some of the top drivers motivating DM to bring global fund managers TO South Korea, to meet with key local institutions and corporate investors.

Why South Korea?

South Korea has become one of the most active markets for overseas investments and most namely into alternative investments.  As a market with immense domestic economic growth, investments have been historically limited to “in country” investments.

Why is DarcMatter Hosting?

DarcMatter is a leading global technology platform providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, for global GPs and LPs to connect in a secure and transparent environment.  The platform provides automated KYC / AML, due diligence distribution, completion of subscription documents, and funding capabilities to reduce compliance and connection costs for all parties involved.

As a platform providing global connectivity, DM caters to local regional investors to create additional value. The conference marries the connectivity our technology provides with in-person meetings and discussion forums, to further strengthen GP/LP relationships. Historically, geographic boundaries have made GP and LP connections difficult to consummate. However, DarcMatter plans is to utilize the platform’s technology and optimize key regional investment summits, that will transform investing worldwide.

What is the goal of the conference?

The goal of the DM Alternatives Conference 2017, is to enhance the connection capabilities of GPs and LPs all around the world.  The inaugural event in 2017 will be held in Seoul, South Korea to highlight South Korea as one of the most active investment markets for overseas and alternative investments.

We will be gathering top thought leaders to share the most pressing issues in searching for results in an environment of global complexity, allocation strategies and objectives, as well as provide curated networking opportunities to enhance the connectivity of the DarcMatter platform.

Where do you think you’ll have it next year and why?

We believe that the APAC region will be a critical component of the growth in the alternative investment industry.  With historic trends that have largely concentrated on domestic investments or within region for many of the APAC economies, we are seeing an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the region into global managers. South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong are all critical regions in the investment ecosystem, especially for alternatives. DMAC plans to continue to expand and grow into key regions where investor demand is significant and where the DarcMatter platform can continue to play a role in enhancing global connectivity.

The DarcMatter Alternatives Conference 2017 – South Korea #DMAC2017

September 21-22, 2017

Conrad Seoul, Yeouido, Seoul South Korea

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