Investors source alternative investments

3 Reasons Why Investors Use DarcMatter to Source Alternative Investments

Investors source alternative investments


1. Investors Have Greater Access to Funds

Problem: Sourcing deal flow can be difficult without the right connections and network. Given the private nature of the alternative investment realm, it is typically very difficult to find managers of venture capital, private equity, or hedge funds openly announcing their fundraising plans. Therefore, investors who have close relationships with fund managers tend to have an easier time accessing deal flow.

But what about investors who have the capital to invest but lack the relationships to access these deals?

Solution: Investors who want transparent access to alternative investment opportunities can use DarcMatter to directly source deal flow. As long as the investor meets minimum requirements, he or she can browse alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity and hedge funds. With greater access to alternative investments, investors such as family offices, wealth managers, and accredited investors can have a larger pool of investments from which to source.


2. Investors Are No Longer Limited to Deals Vetted By Broker-Dealers and Private Placement Agents

Problem: Broker-dealers and private placement agents are required by the SEC to perform extensive due diligence on the funds that they offer to the investors. Therefore, investors who rely on broker-dealers and private placement agents are often left with filtered options.

Solution: Investors with extensive experience and knowledge typically rely on neither placement agents nor broker-dealers to source alternative investment opportunities. Why? Because they don’t feel the need to have someone else vet and due diligence an investment opportunity on their behalf. Investors who are looking for direct access to these funds without having to go through a middleman can access opportunities on the DarcMatter platform, where they can directly source a fund’s due diligence documents and decide for themselves if the opportunity is the right fit for their portfolio.


3. Investors Save Time and Money with DarcMatter

Problem: It’s not unusual for investors to use various tools to access, engage, and communicate with fund managers while they’re deal sourcing. These tools, however, are often scattered and require a considerable amount of micromanagement and upkeep.

Solution: Investors save time and money as they use DarcMatter as a single point of interaction to source, manage, and communicate with fund managers. Investors on DarcMatter sign up for free not only to browse alternative investment opportunities, but also to bookmark interesting funds, get relevant updates, directly request due diligence documents, and message issuers.


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