Benefits of sourcing alternative investments on DarcMatter

3 Benefits of Sourcing Alternative Investments on DarcMatter

Ways DarcMatter is helping investors with their alternative investments

The new age investor is faced with increasingly complex choices and forces that are seemingly out of their own control, including geo-political events, disastrous financial propriety and unpredictable movements in the traditional investment markets including stocks and bonds. Additionally, more individual investors have traditionally been unable to access the full investment spectrum including pooled funds, private equity and direct debt offering opportunities. Leveraging technology and new efficiencies, DarcMatter is seeking to provide investors direct access to alternative investments.

Here are 3 ways we’re changing the landscape of investing in alternative investments:

(1) Pre-Screened Opportunities

We take the opportunities that we provide our investor community very seriously. As such, we perform due diligence and vet our opportunities before we form a fund for a specific investment opportunity. We use comprehensive standards based on industry best practices in addition to a proprietary screening and rating system which ensures that every opportunity has undergone our extensive process.

(2) Direct Access

Most alternative investment opportunities that are available for individual investors in the market today are pre-packaged deals that are often created by large financial institutions. There may be lack of transparency or few choices available in investing what you know. Through our robust deal sourcing pipelines we are able to source individual opportunities that investors can directly access through our specially structured funds; providing our investors transparent and low-cost direct access to true alternatives.

(3) Leverage Transparency

On our open platform we provide investors with the opportunity to screen alternative investments. Alternative investments have long been kept private and opaque, often time for intentional purposes. We pride ourselves in being able to provide investors with additional data points to make informed decisions on the best way to diversify their portfolios.

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