alternative investment resources

12 Best Resources to Learn About Alternative Investments

alternative investment resources

It can be difficult to find quality information about the alternative investment marketplace. The strategies and holdings of most private equity, hedge fund, and venture capital funds can only be roughly estimated unless you happen to be a prospective or current LP. We put together a list of some great news and data resources for both industry professionals and curious investors. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, and any suggestions on other sources is welcomed and appreciated to benefit all of our continued learning. Just tweet us at @DarcMatterHQ.


The Alpha Pages: They describe themselves as a platform for news and unique perspective on the timely business and economic issues that impact alternative and private investors. Also having acquired FINalternatives last year, The Alpha Pages look to cover all types of alternative investments, moving beyond the typical asset classes such as private equity and hedge funds. Articles have included Whisky Business: The Ultimate Liquid Alt and This IPO Could Change Sports and Investing Forever. In addition, through The Alpha Pages, readers can also learn about futures and hard assets that features information regarding metals, energy and mining for the serious real asset investor. While the website is relatively new, we look forward to their news. You can also visit them at @thealphapages.

AllAboutAlpha: Working together with CAIA Association, sets themselves apart from other research publications by focusing on “uncovering the common denominators that tie together seemingly disparate developments to help our subscribers anticipate and manage change”. Their content is geared more towards the sophisticated fund managers and investors and written by experts in the field (think CEOs of hedge funds, research institutions and consultants). Sample posts include What Happens When You Pick a Fight With Activist Hedge Funds, Two Unanswered Questions About Alternative Beta, and The Hedge Fund Fee Conundrum.  You can also visit them @AllAboutAlpha.

FundFire: This digital magazine is owned by the Financial Times and focuses on the separately managed accounts industry. This is a loosely defined term meant to define the investment structure where a professional money manager owns assets and trades on behalf of a wealthy client for a fee. FundFire is a leading news source for the institutional and high net worth investment community. You can also follow them on Twitter at @FundFire.

Institutional Investor’s Alpha: Specifically focusing on the hedge fund industry, Institutional Investor’s Alpha “delivers the most insightful, entertaining and authoritative published content online about the fast-paced and rapidly evolving world of hedge funds”. They provide news, research, and rankings for the global hedge fund industry. Yearly rankings include the World’s 100 Biggest Hedge Funds, the top-earning hedge fund managers, and more. You can also visit them at @ii_alpha.

Dealbreaker: Taking a more cheeky look at the hedge fund and private equity world, covers the personalities and culture that are typically associated with the financial industry, featuring articles such as Bill Ackman’s $90 Million Apartment Purchase Was Basically A Groupon, and Sleep Where Paul Tudor Jones Hath Slept. It takes a less serious, satirical, albeit informative tone, to the crazy world of finance. Headed by the fearless Bess Levin who’s been known in the industry to “make Wall Street funny” and relentless, (such as sneaking into hedge fund’s holiday party), there’s no doubt that Dealbreaker is a guilty pleasure for those in the finance industry. You can follow them at @dealbreaker.

Opalesque: This is a good research database for the alternative investment sector. Alongside informative publications, OpalesqueTV features industry expert interviews and broadcasts, as well as the Opalesque Student Program, a section for students geared towards alternative investment education. You can follow them at @Opalesque.



Preqin: Probably one of the leading source of data for alternative assets, major publications such as the Wall Street Journal frequently cite Preqin when referencing private equity or hedge fund industry data. They gather data on fund and fundraising, performance, fund terms, and deals, and analyze private equity, hedge funds, real estate, private debt, infrastructure, and venture capital. Many of their clients include funds and we always enjoy their graphs, frequently shared on their Twitter at @Preqin.

CB Insights: Another great database tracking activity in private companies, venture capital and startups is CB Insights. Utilizing innovative data analytics with a user friendly UX, they have great tools to understand which sectors are getting venture funded, by whom, and analysis based on trends and industry insight. Their clients include venture capital firms, technology companies, accounting and law firms, and more. A nimble startup themselves, CB Insights has earned the love of many, with some companies even leaving the more traditional subscriptions for CB Insights. Their value is not only in the data, but the predictive insights this data could provide. You can follow them at @CBInsights. Founded with the goal “to encourage transparency and enable easy communication between hedge funds and accredited investors”, HedgeCo.Net is a free online hedge fund database with performance metrics. They have an extensive resource center to learn about hedge funds, as well as a list of service providers and potential conferences. Aside from the database, HedgeCo.Net frequently shares timely and relevant articles pertaining to the hedge fund realm. Follow them on Twitter @HedgeCo.


Thought Leadership Blogs:

VC Experts Blog: Providing insights & analysis on the private capital markets, they not only provide editorials, but video interviews and data reports as well. You can also follow them at @VCExperts.

Seeking Alpha: More like a crowd sourced content service for the financial markets, many of their articles and research addresses stocks, various asset classes, ETFs and investment strategies, all written by financial experts. Their big differentiation is that the insights are provided by actual investors and industry experts and not just sell-side analysts. While the majority of the articles are focused on the public markets, they have a wide range of alternative investment news and editorials as well. Follow them on Twitter at @SeekingAlpha.

And last but not last, yours truly, the DarcMatter blog. Coming from the standpoint of a technology platform that’s working with fund managers and investors, our blog addresses some of the concerns and key issues in the alternative investment space today, as well as providing readers an insider’s glimpse to funds with interviews. You can visit us on Twitter at @DarcMatterHQ.


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